Surgical Hernia repair abroad

The risk of suffering an inguinal hernia in men is 27% and in women is about 3 %. Unavoidable condition, its treatment shouldn’t be delayed and that’s why Medical Port has teamed up with Dr. Miguel Pinto for a fast and effective surgical Hernia repair in Portugal.

With hernias there is potential for a bottleneck situation, in which the intestine is caught and undergoes a quick gangrene. This is a serious complication that requires urgent surgery and poses a serious health risk.

Below you can find all the different names and locations in which an Hernia can appear and require surgery (or repair).


Groin, but can grow and fill the scrotum.


Immediately below the groin, at the root of the thigh.


Located in the navel.


In the middle line of the abdomen between the navel and chest.


Occurs in the place of the scar of a previous abdominal surgery.


Any of the earlier varieties manifested again after having been operated.

Hernia Locations
Hernia locations

Medical Port offers the opportunity to have hernia repair surgery in Portugal and has a dedicated staff to enhance the surgical hernia practice alongside Dr. Miguel Pinto. Dr. Pinto is a physician with nearly 40 years of experience and is recognized internationally as an expert in hernia treatment, having performed hernia surgeries in various parts of the globe including The United States, Europe and Africa.

You can learn more about Hernias and Dr. Miguel Pinto here.

For any questions, please contact us for a fast and effective treatment of your hernia.



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