Finding a Global Groove in Lisbon

What a great title for this article from The New York Times.

From Praça da Alegria to Travessa da Galé, stoping at Praça do Comércio and Cais do Sodré, the journalist discovered some hip spots in Lisbon showing us that Portugal isn’t just fado.

Over the last couple of years, innovative new music spots have been popping up around Lisbon, and defunct and departed iconic music venues have been rising from their ashes, literally or figuratively. From intimate supper clubs to warehouse dance halls, the new generation of hangouts is enriching the Portuguese capital’s sonic spectrum and expanding the array of places where music aficionados and bands of all stripes can converge. These days, a spin around town is a journey across continents and styles, from indie jazz to African beats to American retro rock to electronic experiments.

Foto: Francisco Seco for The New York Times
The club Vynil in Lisbon. Francisco Seco for The New York Times

The article gives you a pretty great starting point for a night out in the portuguese capital. You can read it in full here.



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