Lisbon is one of the World’s 15 Best Waterfront Cities

The Huffington Post has revealed the World’s 15 Best Waterfront Cities and Portugal’s Capital, Lisbon is featured in the listing.

According to the website,

stunning riverside vistas, colorful pastel houses, and a buzzing port district are a few of the things you’ll find in Lisbon. Visitors can explore the city’s cobbled streets by foot, and climb winding sets of steps to reach the town’s best vantage points. Ride an ancient streetcar to St. George’s Castle to view the ancient ramparts, or head to downtown Baixa to explore the bustling city squares. The old port district of Alcântara is the perfect place to relax by the river, while Belém includes some of Lisbon’s best museums and monuments. Families will enjoy Oceanário de Lisboa, Europe’s largest indoor aquarium.

Source: The Telegraph
Source: The Telegraph

We couldn’t agree more. What about you?

Check out the World’s 15 Best Waterfront Cities here.



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