Garrett McNamara takes on Portugal | The McNamara Surf Trip

Garrett McNamara, the big wave surfer, spent some time thru the entire coast of Portugal to create a web documentary from the portuguese coast, in partnership with Visit Portugal, from the Portuguese Bureau of Tourism.

The first two episodes have now been released and reveal just how great portuguese waves, food and overall culture is.

In his first trip to the center of Portugal, Garrett surfed great waves, picked his own food in an organic farm and surfed the wake of a boat with wakeboard champion Francisco Martinho Lopes and instructor Nuno Almeida d´Eça.

In his second episode Garrett surfs the amazing beaches around Lisbon with local surfers Filipe Jervis and Nuno Mesquita, experiences great food, attends a concert by local band PAUS and gets to know Lisbon with local surfer and musician Frankie Chavez.

“Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities I´ve ever seen”, says Garrett. Find out why…

Check out all the info and new episodes here.



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