Medical Port partners with Sagres Vacations to promote Medical Tourism in the United States

Medical Port and Sagres Vacations, a US based tour operator, established a partnership to promote medical tourism packages for United States consumers. 

Upholding the customers’ needs above all and being able to attend to their individual needs and dreams, both companies have decided to partner and promote dedicated medical tourism packages for the North-American market. Portugal has been increasing its reputation among the American people as a preferred touristic destination in Europe, but is an unknown destination for Americans seeking Medical Travel.

With 2015 just around the corner, it’s time to make New Years’ Resolutions and tackle an important objective: Ensure your health comes first. With this in mind, Medical Port and Sagres Vacations have created the following customized programs:

Prevention is the Key
A one week Medical Tourism package for couples to reinforce their commitment to healthy living by combining a thorough health examination in internationally accredited hospitals with Mediterranean cuisine sessions, country-side walking and stress-free activities.

My Health is My Choice
Aims at identifying the causes for obesity and tackles them in a holistic way (mind and body) in order to achieve sustainable results. This two-week program also includes utilizing mindfulness-based therapies as a powerful tool to make effective behavioral changes and detox sessions to remove unwanted excesses.

Small Details Make a Big Difference
Specially designed for two or more female friends who want to feel and look younger without the need for surgery. You and your friends will “shine” and feel like movie stars. Includes dermo-fillers, private shopping experience, make-up and hairdresser sessions and other surprises. A truly 100% girls package to start 2015 the best way possible!

Detailed information about each package will be further explained in the next blog posts. Meanwhile you can learn more about Medical Port at and Sagres Vacations at and if you have any questions please send us an email to

About Medical Port
Medical Port Premium Medical Tourism Facilitator
Medical Port is the first Global Medical Tourism Facilitator dedicated to gather Portugal’s expertise in Medical Services as well as renowned hospitality in the benefit of the client.
The company’s goal is to provide clients with proper alternatives for medical treatments in private hospitals and clinics in Portugal. Proper meaning cost-effective, quality driven, according to clients’ timings and customized to specific needs. Medical Port makes sure the entire process is quick, smooth and trouble-free, making sure your health comes first. Learn more at

About Sagres Vacations
Sagres Vacations
Sagres Vacations is a full service travel agency and tour operator bringing clients’ dream destination to reality. The company helps clients to create memorable journeys to Portugal and around the world by highlighting the local traditions, cuisine, history, and iconic sites of all the destinations. Our extensive vacation and tour planning services and experience will give you a perfect itinerary, tailored specifically to meet your travel needs. The difference in travel is in its quality, service and details. At Sagres Vacations they pride themselves in offering a personalized travel experience for all the customers. Learn more at



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