Discover the best weight-loss programs in Portugal

Find out how you can loose excess weight and don’t regain it in a two-week Medical Tourism trip to Lisbon, Portugal.

Medical Port and Sagres Vacations recently partnered to create Medical Tourism programs for Americans who wish to travel to Europe. This partnership aims to let consumers know that Portugal is a great option for Medical Tourism. Medical Port works only with top private hospitals and clinics in Lisbon, Oporto, and the Algarve.

Weight-loss long lasting outcomes can only be achieved with a combination of a body and mind care, and a lifestyle change. Medical Port and Sagres Vacations offer a two-week program where travellers can find the origin of their excess weight and acquire the tools to loose it. “My health is my choice” is the name of this program and is a commitment to a healthy living in 2015. Using medical and behavioral treatment tools customized to each particular case, travellers can learn how to sustain long-term results and enjoy two weeks in beautiful Lisbon.

The medical component of the program includes a Holistic Obesity Assessment:

  • Five specialty consultations
  • A comprehensive set of exams and analysis
  • Relaxing and Detox programs
  • Flights, transfers, hospital concierge, and accommodation.

As for leisure, travellers can choose between:

  • Discover Lisbon:
    • Enjoy a private walking tour in Lisbon with a professional photographer
    • Learn more about Mediterranean cuisine with a chef in a cooking session
    • Join a private tour in Lisbon and its surroundings
    • Sail the Tejo River in a luxury sailboat
  • A Relax and Detox program:
    • Spend the full second week in a Hotel and SPA
    • Experience mindfulness sessions to align mind and body for weight loss


Why choose Portugal?

With centuries of History it’s no surprise that there are plenty of places to see and things to do. From visiting magnificent castles to the amazing contemporary art museums, the choice is yours. Portugal is a very safe destination as it’s ranked 18 out of 162 in the Global Peace Index. There’s an average of 3300 hours of sunshine per year, one of the highest in Europe and nearly 30% of the population is fluent in English.

To find out more about this partnership read our previous blog post, here. If you want to know more about “My Health is My Choice” contact Medical Port, or Sagres Vacations.



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