New medical tourism programs for Arabic countries

Following, Medical Port’s presence in the Saudi Arabia Medical Tourism Fair in the end of 2014, and due to the large interest demonstrated ever since, the company is launching special programs for countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, among others.

The 4 specific programs are: health check-up, obesity diagnosis assessment, weight-loss, and physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The health check-up is a week long program to reinforce the commitment to healthy living by undergoing a thorough health examination while enjoying cultural activities with Mediterranean style cuisine. Health prevention is important to reduce health risks and also improve the length and quality of life. This program assesses how good your health is and advises on lifestyle improvements and can be done in Lisbon or Oporto.

The obesity diagnosis assessment program lasts 15 days in Lisbon, and is for individuals previously diagnosed with excess weight or pre-obese by medical standards. Allows for the adequate understanding of the origin of the condition and approaches it in a holistic way to achieve positive long-term results.

The weight-loss program lasts 15 days in Lisbon and is target at individuals who would like a diet plan for weight-loss and don’t know where to start. It helps to understand lifestyle habits and changes necessary to lose weight. Combining exams, consultations, nutritionist advice and exercise for a great weight-loss start.

For physical therapy and rehabilitation, there is a 15 day program in Lisbon or Oporto. For individuals who seek to recover from surgery, a bad fall, a work accident or an orthopaedic injury. The program follows a careful decision making process, and proper and thorough rehabilitation so that individuals can recover their natural movements and mobility.

Medical Port has plans to expand the medical tourism offerings to the Arabic speaking world in the next few months.

If you would like to know more about Medical Port’s offerings to the Arabic countries, please contact us by phone (+351 220 973 151), or click here to send us an email.

What is a Hernia?

Hernia is a Latin word meaning “rupture”. It is a defect located on the abdominal wall, a hole that allows the passage of abnormal intestine or other abdominal viscera. Whenever this rupture occurs, surgical hernia repair is needed.

Hernias can occur in both men and women of all ages, being the truth that the majority of hernia patients are older men. Although its treatment doesn’t require surgery all the times, many cases do so. Hernia repair requires a personalized approach to each patient, as each case needs to be carefully evaluated and treated.

People can find out they have a hernia because it can be both seen and felt. It is a lump in the abdomen or groin and that may or may not disappear when pressing it. The lump can get bigger over time. When in doubt, consult a physician to clarify if you have a hernia, what type of hernia it is, and what is the adequate treatment.

There are several types of hernias and each can have different severity. An inguinal hernia is the one that occurs in the groin, but can grow and fill the scrotum. A femoral hernia grows immediately below the groin, at the root of the thigh. An omphalocele hernia is located at the navel. An epigastric hernia, is located in the middle line of the abdomen between the navel and chest. An incisional hernia occurs in the place of the scar of a previous abdominal surgery. A recurrent hernia is the appearance of any of those types of hernias after having been previously operated.

If you would like to know more about hernias, visit Medical Port’s hernia treatment page. Contact us if you would like to know further information about surgical hernia repair abroad.

Medical Port launches corporate health card in Angola

A new partnership between Medical Port and the Angolan airline company TAAG, was born this February. The healthcare card provides employees the access to medical treatments in Portugal and Brazil.

The corporate card called “Medical Port Empresas” launched at TAAG’s headquarters, in Luanda. Several employees who attended the event have before showed interest in health services abroad.

The session opened with TAAG’s Human Resources Director.Then, Lusíadas Saúde head of Internal Medicine, Dra. Helena Cantante, talked about the importance of health prevention and gave several tips for a healthy lifestyle. Medical Port’s CEO, Belén de Vicente introduced the card and the advantages for TAAG employees.

Medical Port's presentation
Medical Port’s presentation
TAAG employees at Medical Port's presentation
TAAG employees at Medical Port’s presentation

In the words of Medical Port’s CEO, the partnership is “important for both companies, since there is a significant number of TAAG employees who already travel abroad for health care and Medical Port specializes in taking care of medical travel requests with a premium service.”

The medical services are provided by Medical Port’s partner network which includes groups Lusíadas Saúde and Amil (in Portugal and Brazil), Fisiogaspar and Oficina de Psicologia in Lisbon, and Clínica Espregueira Mendes in Oporto.

Medical Port books exams, consultations, surgeries, and specific programs. Also, takes care of the travel arrangements for cardholders. Concierge and customer care services are available during the stay. Cardholders can request extra services like touristic or leisure activities in Portugal or Brazil.

Other companies who would like to partner with Medical Port for top quality healthcare access both in Portugal and Brazil can contact us through the email or call +351 220 973 751.

Health promotion in the workplace

When thinking about workers well-being companies are increasingly deciding for health prevention instead of disease management.

For many years, resources were spent in dealing with employees’ health problems, but now companies are shifting for a prevention model.

Many employers are creating health prevention programs to encourage their employees to become healthier by making healthy choices.

Prevention policies and programs are often cost-effective, reducing health care costs, and improving productivity. It is believed that “With better health, adults are more productive and at work more days” since diseases like asthma, high blood pressure, smoking and obesity can “reduce annual productivity by between $200 and $440 per person”, according to the US National Prevention Strategy.

Everyday prevention is being promoted in small actions like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking a break at work, providing healthy meal options, or offering paid gym memberships. Busy lifestyles often make it difficult for people to schedule time for activities that support their well-being, both at work and out of it, leading to increased stress levels. Most people also find it hard to arrange time to do health assessments and work on health prevention. Health prevention should be a priority not only for individuals, but also for companies looking to keep their employees engaged and healthy, improving the length and quality of their lives. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work issued a report on work-related stress and its costs, finding that mental disorders caused by stress constitute 30% of early retirements in Sweden and Germany.

Medical Port developed corporate health prevention programs for companies who would like to assess their employees’ health while taking the opportunity to relax (through mindfulness programs) and team building during short trips to Portugal. The programs include individual health check-up exams and psychological evaluation and a corporate health status report, all in English. These programs are aimed at individuals with high levels of responsibility and consequently with higher work-related stress. If you would like to know more about Medical Port’s Corporate Health Prevention programs, visit our website or contact us.

Medical Port’s CEO guest speaks at American university

Last week, Belén de Vicente – Medical Port’s CEO – was the guest speaker of a Health Care Management course. The class main subject is international healthcare management with a focus on medical tourism.

The class was held online and students were able to hear and see what the CEO had to say. The presentation took about one hour and questions and answers around half an hour. The goal of the lecture was to explain the concept of Medical Tourism and to describe the Medical Tourism Market in Portugal.

The course Health Care Management Special Topics – International Experience is taught at Marymount University School of Business Administration in Arlington, Virginia. The course is about international healthcare systems with an in-depth approach of medical tourism industry. Students learn the motivating factors of the medical tourism trends and the impact of the medical tourism industry in the social, political, economical and cultural issues of the countries studied. Medical Port was chosen to talk about the medical tourism industry and how the company is leading the Portuguese market. Giving a global perspective and a look at the industry in the European Union and in Portugal. These are the main competitive advantages for Portugal that were highlighted: the proximity of Portugal from the United States, the ability of the Portuguese people to speak languages and the fact that 30% of the population is fluent in English, especially in the health and services sector, and the medical training of the Portuguese medical professionals.

Students asked valuable and great questions about Medical Tourism in Portugal and they were highly interested in getting to know more about what the country has to offer to medical tourists, both in terms of cost savings but also in customer service.

The cooperation between Medical Port and the class will continue, as students will be doing a group project focusing on: industry and market analysis on the possibility of penetrating the US medical tourism market. Teams will discuss the pros and cons of adopting a traditional marketing approach versus a modern marketing approach. And provide recommendations on which approach is more likely to attract US patients to travel abroad for medical care. Identifying the target population, the strategies to implement and the ones to avoid and make recommendations are the main goals of the final project in this course.

The Telegraph picked the top 5 activity holidays in Portugal

The world famous newspaper has elected the best activities for holidays in Portugal in 2015.

Whether you are looking for a family vacation, or an adventure with friends, these are nature related vacations you can enjoy.

The first suggestion is a walking vacation through central Portugal, from the Douro Valley to Serra da Estrela, the highest mainland point; travellers can enjoy breath taking views, clean air and enjoy the sunny climate in daily hiking trails.

Douro Valley, Portugal
Douro Valley, Portugal

The second suggestion is for horse lovers. Pick a Lusitano horse and ride along the Portuguese Blue Coast (starting south from Lisbon). The diverse trails include riding along pine forests, cork groves and desert white sand beaches (even during the summer). Along the ride travellers will be experiencing the views of turquoise waters, dolphin sightseeing and exquisite birds.

For adventure seekers, the Telegraph suggests a surf vacation:

Portugal’s long stretches of coast provide ideal surfing conditions for all levels of expertise from beginner to advanced, but nowhere is better than the Peniche peninsula, which recently held the APS World Surfing Championships. It delivers excellent surfing all year round (…)”.

Bird watching lovers can enjoy a vacation in Santa Clara Lake in Alentejo where more than 120 resident birds and migratory species can be found and appreciated during daily trips accompanied by delicious home made food.

The last vacation activity is to scuba dive in the Algarve. The most famous summer destination in Portugal is known for its white sand beaches and blue waters, and according to the article is great for scuba diving:

“(…) The Algarve’s coastline is a sublime backdrop to diving, rich in sea life with endless caves and fascinating rock formations.”

Scuba diving in Portugal
Scuba diving in Portugal


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