The Telegraph picked the top 5 activity holidays in Portugal

The world famous newspaper has elected the best activities for holidays in Portugal in 2015.

Whether you are looking for a family vacation, or an adventure with friends, these are nature related vacations you can enjoy.

The first suggestion is a walking vacation through central Portugal, from the Douro Valley to Serra da Estrela, the highest mainland point; travellers can enjoy breath taking views, clean air and enjoy the sunny climate in daily hiking trails.

Douro Valley, Portugal
Douro Valley, Portugal

The second suggestion is for horse lovers. Pick a Lusitano horse and ride along the Portuguese Blue Coast (starting south from Lisbon). The diverse trails include riding along pine forests, cork groves and desert white sand beaches (even during the summer). Along the ride travellers will be experiencing the views of turquoise waters, dolphin sightseeing and exquisite birds.

For adventure seekers, the Telegraph suggests a surf vacation:

Portugal’s long stretches of coast provide ideal surfing conditions for all levels of expertise from beginner to advanced, but nowhere is better than the Peniche peninsula, which recently held the APS World Surfing Championships. It delivers excellent surfing all year round (…)”.

Bird watching lovers can enjoy a vacation in Santa Clara Lake in Alentejo where more than 120 resident birds and migratory species can be found and appreciated during daily trips accompanied by delicious home made food.

The last vacation activity is to scuba dive in the Algarve. The most famous summer destination in Portugal is known for its white sand beaches and blue waters, and according to the article is great for scuba diving:

“(…) The Algarve’s coastline is a sublime backdrop to diving, rich in sea life with endless caves and fascinating rock formations.”

Scuba diving in Portugal
Scuba diving in Portugal


Read the full article here.



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