Medical Port’s CEO guest speaks at American university

Last week, Belén de Vicente – Medical Port’s CEO – was the guest speaker of a Health Care Management course. The class main subject is international healthcare management with a focus on medical tourism.

The class was held online and students were able to hear and see what the CEO had to say. The presentation took about one hour and questions and answers around half an hour. The goal of the lecture was to explain the concept of Medical Tourism and to describe the Medical Tourism Market in Portugal.

The course Health Care Management Special Topics – International Experience is taught at Marymount University School of Business Administration in Arlington, Virginia. The course is about international healthcare systems with an in-depth approach of medical tourism industry. Students learn the motivating factors of the medical tourism trends and the impact of the medical tourism industry in the social, political, economical and cultural issues of the countries studied. Medical Port was chosen to talk about the medical tourism industry and how the company is leading the Portuguese market. Giving a global perspective and a look at the industry in the European Union and in Portugal. These are the main competitive advantages for Portugal that were highlighted: the proximity of Portugal from the United States, the ability of the Portuguese people to speak languages and the fact that 30% of the population is fluent in English, especially in the health and services sector, and the medical training of the Portuguese medical professionals.

Students asked valuable and great questions about Medical Tourism in Portugal and they were highly interested in getting to know more about what the country has to offer to medical tourists, both in terms of cost savings but also in customer service.

The cooperation between Medical Port and the class will continue, as students will be doing a group project focusing on: industry and market analysis on the possibility of penetrating the US medical tourism market. Teams will discuss the pros and cons of adopting a traditional marketing approach versus a modern marketing approach. And provide recommendations on which approach is more likely to attract US patients to travel abroad for medical care. Identifying the target population, the strategies to implement and the ones to avoid and make recommendations are the main goals of the final project in this course.



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