Medical Port launches corporate health card in Angola

A new partnership between Medical Port and the Angolan airline company TAAG, was born this February. The healthcare card provides employees the access to medical treatments in Portugal and Brazil.

The corporate card called “Medical Port Empresas” launched at TAAG’s headquarters, in Luanda. Several employees who attended the event have before showed interest in health services abroad.

The session opened with TAAG’s Human Resources Director.Then, Lusíadas Saúde head of Internal Medicine, Dra. Helena Cantante, talked about the importance of health prevention and gave several tips for a healthy lifestyle. Medical Port’s CEO, Belén de Vicente introduced the card and the advantages for TAAG employees.

Medical Port's presentation
Medical Port’s presentation
TAAG employees at Medical Port's presentation
TAAG employees at Medical Port’s presentation

In the words of Medical Port’s CEO, the partnership is “important for both companies, since there is a significant number of TAAG employees who already travel abroad for health care and Medical Port specializes in taking care of medical travel requests with a premium service.”

The medical services are provided by Medical Port’s partner network which includes groups Lusíadas Saúde and Amil (in Portugal and Brazil), Fisiogaspar and Oficina de Psicologia in Lisbon, and Clínica Espregueira Mendes in Oporto.

Medical Port books exams, consultations, surgeries, and specific programs. Also, takes care of the travel arrangements for cardholders. Concierge and customer care services are available during the stay. Cardholders can request extra services like touristic or leisure activities in Portugal or Brazil.

Other companies who would like to partner with Medical Port for top quality healthcare access both in Portugal and Brazil can contact us through the email or call +351 220 973 751.



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