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Breast augmentation and breast lift surgery

Many women around the globe who feel uncomfortable in their bodies look for alternatives to boost their confidence and improve self-esteem. After careful consideration, thought and research plastic surgery is often the answer. One of the areas of major concern

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Top 7 must-play golf courses in Portugal

The Professional Golf Association of America (PGA) has recently named the seven best golf courses in Portugal for a weeklong golf trip. After being awarded World’s best golf destination in the end of 2014, Portugal is on the hype for

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Gastric bypass surgery

Weight-loss from a gastric bypass surgery doesn’t last longer unless the patient takes extra measures to live a healthy life. The decision to have a weight-loss surgery is a process that takes time and a lot of consideration. For long

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Portugal is among the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world

According to UCityGuides, Portugal is in the top 10 of the most beautiful countries in the world. These are countries with a unique mixture of natural beauty and man-made wonders and Portugal ranks number 6. Here’s what the publication says

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Medical Port launches a new card to serve the needs of foreigners in Portugal

The For Health card is designed for foreigners living or considering moving to Portugal, looking forward to address some major concerns of who lives abroad for long periods of time. The card provides access to health, real estate, fiscal, and

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The 3 key factors to an effective weight-loss plan

Weight-loss is always a hot topic, new diets appear every day promising fast results. Because most diet plans overpromise results, the word “diet” often has a bad connotation and seems something very difficult to do. Many people try several diets

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Best places to retire abroad – Portugal

Retiring abroad is becoming a reality for many pensioners around the world. With the growing mobility of citizens from all countries it is now easy to live abroad not only for young workers but also for senior citizens. The American

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Improve your health and your life with mindfulness techniques

Mindfulness refers to the ability that we have of being in the here and now, completely aware of everything we are experiencing both inside ourselves and around us. We develop this attitude by deliberately choosing to focus on the things

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Discover the Michelin star restaurants in Portugal 2015

The Michelin guide for restaurants distinguishes the best chefs and sets the standard for an exquisite, luxury meal anywhere in the world. In the end of every year, Michelin releases the guide for hotels and restaurants to the following year

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Medical Port launches its services in Mozambique

With the goal to better serve the healthcare needs of Mozambicans, Medical Port partnered with a local representative to promote its healthcare services and help Mozambicans to have access to medical treatment in Portugal. The launching event took place on February 25

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