Breast augmentation and breast lift surgery

Many women around the globe who feel uncomfortable in their bodies look for alternatives to boost their confidence and improve self-esteem. After careful consideration, thought and research plastic surgery is often the answer. One of the areas of major concern in a women’s body is the look and size of their breasts. Many wish for fuller breasts while others wished theirs were smaller.

For those who would like their breasts to appear bigger, the most common procedure is breast augmentation. Plastic surgeons concerns’ in all cases is to minimize the appearance of the scar and maximize the cosmetic benefits while introducing the breast implants. The dominant trend is to perform the surgery with a minimal incision to limit surgical consequences and facilitate a faster recovery.

Breast lift is another procedure that many times is chosen by women to improve their look. It’s not about to have bigger breasts but to have firmer ones. Breast lift consists of raising the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour. It improves the appearance of sagging breasts. The goal is to improve the shape of the breast while minimizing visible scars. This surgery is also known as mastopexy.

Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that breast lift procedures have grown 70% since 2000, outperforming breast implants by 2 to 1.

These procedures have different purposes and different results too. A breast lift is a procedure that will tighten the tissue and give the breasts a younger look. Often times a women’s breast loses its youthful shape and firmness due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, aging, gravity and heredity. Women who opt for breast lift may only want their breasts to appear younger and firmer and not bigger. While the ones who opt for breast augmentation are looking to increase their cup size and have fuller breasts.

Medical Port works with a team of highly trained and experienced plastic surgeons in Portugal who perform surgeries in facilities with international accreditation, using the latest techniques and equipment. In order to decide which is the best solution for each case, Medical Port provides access to remote consultations with the plastic surgeons to better assess your case and needs. Learn more about breast augmentation surgeries here.





Top 7 must-play golf courses in Portugal

The Professional Golf Association of America (PGA) has recently named the seven best golf courses in Portugal for a weeklong golf trip.

After being awarded World’s best golf destination in the end of 2014, Portugal is on the hype for golf lovers. Golf courses around the country are preparing for one of its best years in terms of number of golfers and matches, with many courses being renovated.

PGA has recently named the seven best golf courses in Portugal for both professionals and amateurs. Here’s what they say about Portugal:

Some of us just aren’t inclined to walk links golf courses or battle the unpredictable weather elements. In fact, there’s no shame in admitting that you love to smoke cigars, ride in a cart and soak up the vitamin D while playing golf.  Known more for its beautiful beaches, ideal climate and relaxed lifestyle, Portugal is a fantastic place to spend a weeklong golf vacation. 

The ideal trip would begin in the exciting city of Lisbon. Here you’ll find the San Francisco of Europe, with hills, white cobblestone streets and a massive castle overlooking the old town. The second part of your tour would be on the beautiful Algarve coast, where you’ll enjoy fresh seafood prepared to perfection, swim through spectacular rock formations in crystal-clear waters and play golf at postcard-beautiful golf courses.

Penha Longa, Atlantic course and Oitavos Dunes near Lisbon are two of the seven courses highlighted. Penha Longa has centuries-old aqueduct around the course making it a “phenomenal experience”. Oitavos Dunes was rated by Golf Magazine as one of the top 100 courses in the world and is a “perfectly natural golf course”. To learn more about the other golf courses, located in the Algarve, please read PGA article here.

Golfers can enjoy the sunny weather in Portugal, soaking up in vitamin D and improving their overall health condition, almost 300 days per year. Playing golf can be beneficial for both mind and body of players of all ages and genders. A golf player burns about 200 calories per hour while playing.

For those who would like to also assess how good their health is, Medical Port offers health check-up programs and wellness treatments for golfers and their travel partners. To learn more about some of these programs, please click here.

Gastric bypass surgery

Weight-loss from a gastric bypass surgery doesn’t last longer unless the patient takes extra measures to live a healthy life.

The decision to have a weight-loss surgery is a process that takes time and a lot of consideration. For long lasting results it is crucial to take into account the factors that led to the weight gain and prevent them to reappear after the surgery. Surgical treatment of obesity isn’t limited to the surgical act; it entails a global approach to obesity by a multidisciplinary medical team.

Medical Port developed a holistic weight-loss program for those individuals who want to have surgery abroad. Being in a complete new environment helps in the changing process required in these types of programs. This program is for individuals considered obese by medical standards. A simple way to find out if a person is obese is the Body Mass Index (BMI) test. You can take the test hereObese people are considered the ones who have a BMI greater than 35. Although the BMI can be a good indicator, it isn’t the only assessment tool and doctor’s thorough diagnosis is always necessary.

Gastric bypass is one of the many alternatives for a bariatric surgery. It is a procedure where the digestive system is re-routed past most of the stomach so that people digest less food and feel full after eating a smaller portion of what they used to eat.

After the surgery, patients have to embrace a healthy life with better nutrition and exercise as part of their daily routine. Gastric bypass surgery can lead to a great amount of weight-loss in the short term, but to ensure long-term results, Medical Port developed a follow-up program that can last up to 2 years, where the medical team locally and remotely accompanies the patient adjusting the important variables for maintaining the desired weight.

To learn more about Medical Port’s weight-loss surgery abroad program, click here.

Portugal is among the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world

According to UCityGuides, Portugal is in the top 10 of the most beautiful countries in the world. These are countries with a unique mixture of natural beauty and man-made wonders and Portugal ranks number 6.

Here’s what the publication says about the countries in the ranking:

Every country has its marvels and breathtaking landscapes, but these ten are blessed with a rare package of outstanding natural beauty and man-made wonders that enhance their territories with everything from beautiful cities to timeless villages, magnificent parks and pristine scenery.

And their opinion about Portugal:

For the pristine natural wonders of the volcanic Azores alone, Portugal would be on this list. Then there’s the “floating garden” that is Madeira, the dramatic coastline and mystical capes of the mainland, the serene plains of the Alentejo with the stunningly-sited white medieval villages of Marvão and Monsaraz, the Peneda-Gerês National Park, or the perfect collaboration of man and nature in the magic fantasy of Sintra and verdant Douro Valley. And while the old centers of Lisbon and Porto are inexplicably rundown and stubbornly neglected, it’s hard to match their scenic beauty with their grand riverside settings. Everything is in a small scale but when all combined it’s impressive how so much diverse beauty somehow fits in such a tiny country that seems to be a favorite of the sun.

UCityGuides is the ultimate source for information on urban destinations around the world. Their city guides include the essential information travellers look for, whether they it’s a romantic getaway, urban jungles or ancient wonders. Lisbon, Portugal’s capital is in the following categories: by the beach, soulful cities, romantic cities, laid-back cities, to drink and cities with a touch of exotic.

Read the full article here.

Medical Port launches a new card to serve the needs of foreigners in Portugal

The For Health card is designed for foreigners living or considering moving to Portugal, looking forward to address some major concerns of who lives abroad for long periods of time.

The card provides access to health, real estate, fiscal, and leisure services to foreign residents in Portugal. And results from a partnership between Medical Port, Lusíadas Saúde and Consultan.

According to Belén de Vicente, Medical Port CEO, the goal is “to ensure who moves to Portugal has an efficient and personalized answer to the main concerns and needs in the areas of health care, real state, fiscal and leisure services to assure a comfortable life in Portugal”. The card offers a complete and integrated solution to the various needs of foreigners with the Golden Visa or Non Habitual Resident regime in Portugal.

When buying different services in Portugal, the Foreigners’ Health card gives each cardholder special benefits and discounts.

The fiscal consultancy services include support to arrival, registration and report formalities in the fiscal area. Health services give access to consultations, diagnosis exams, and surgical and non-surgical treatments, from the most diverse medical specialities. Real estate services include support and counselling when searching for a property in the entire country. There are also available customer support and leisure services, such as, concierge, interpreter, Portuguese classes, nutritionist sessions, or wellness programs.

Cardholders can get a 10% discount rate in fiscal services, 15% discount rate in healthcare services and 10% discount rate in customer care and leisure services.

The Foreigners’ Health card offers the access to a set of services and can be purchased by any foreign resident in Portugal or willing to move soon (with the Golden Visa or Non-Habitual Resident status).

To learn more about the For Health card, please go to the brochure, or contact us directly.

The 3 key factors to an effective weight-loss plan

Weight-loss is always a hot topic, new diets appear every day promising fast results. Because most diet plans overpromise results, the word “diet” often has a bad connotation and seems something very difficult to do.

Many people try several diets only to find out they gain weight shortly after. And then they get upset. Others don’t do diet because don’t know where to start. There are 3 key components of an effective diet: health, nutrition and exercise.


Before starting any diet, everyone should check with their doctor if they are healthy enough to start loosing weight. Starting a diet without a doctor’s advice can lead to poor results and even diseases.


Trendy diets often don’t take into account the different nutrition needs each individual has. No two people are alike, so diets shouldn’t be the same for everyone. A nutritionist evaluates a person eating habits, tastes and weight loss needs to create a tailor-made diet plan, customizable to the various stages of weight-loss.


Whoever wants to lose weight exercise is key. Exercise will make the body to burn calories and get rid of excess fat. No one should start exercising without assessing their health conditions first and the proper advice from a doctor.

These 3 components need to work in an integrated and combined way that is different for each of us.

Start your weight-loss journey
Start your weight-loss journey

Medical Port developed a weight-loss program, combining the 3 key aspects, for those who would like to start loosing weight but don’t know where to start. In a 15 day program, individuals assess their initial health condition, get a personalized diet and a personalized exercise plan. The main goal of this program is to provide the necessary tools and guidance for a weight loss start and to maintain the results. The program also entails a 1 year follow up with remote consultations with the nutritionist to assess the progress and give the individual all the confidence he or she needs to keep going.

If you would like to know more about our weight-loss programs, please visit our website here or use the form to contact us.

Best places to retire abroad – Portugal

Retiring abroad is becoming a reality for many pensioners around the world. With the growing mobility of citizens from all countries it is now easy to live abroad not only for young workers but also for senior citizens.

The American Association of Retired Persons, most commonly know as AARP, explains in an article the advantages of retiring in Portugal, highlighting Lisbon and Cascais area:

A plenitude of golf, beaches, resorts, and trendy café life makes Portugal one of Europe’s most pleasant surprises. Costs are lower than in other parts of Western Europe. Lisbon is a grande old dame of a city, where traditional mournful fados are still sung in candlelit taverns; but most expats gravitate to the postcard-pretty resort towns of Estoril and Cascais on the Atlantic coast, 15 miles west of the capital.

The best places to retire in Portugal depend on the preferences, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Retirees can enjoy the vast cultural activities in the area of the capital, where it is likely virtually everyone will talk to them in English. If the preference goes toward a quieter place near the beach, Portugal has around 400 miles of coast, so there are plenty of places to retire in a beach community in Portugal.

AARP, features some facts about Portugal, such as the climate, which they describe as “Temperate, with warm-to-hot summers and pleasant winters, some rain.” The fact that there is a mix of international people living in Portugal and in Cascais there are “several hundred of U.S. expats”. Healthcare is rated as good. Regarding the cost of living the example is a dinner for two for $40. In terms of cultural activities, AARP emphasizes “Castles, museums, music festivals, even English-language theater; also golf, outdoor activities.” Read the full article here.

Come to see with your own eyes what AARP is saying about Portugal. We feel confident you won’t be disappointed when you spend a few days here and you will want to come back!

You can also check American blogger Roam About Mike, and his most recent blog post about Portugal (he has a few and all of them are pretty awesome).

Improve your health and your life with mindfulness techniques

Mindfulness refers to the ability that we have of being in the here and now, completely aware of everything we are experiencing both inside ourselves and around us. We develop this attitude by deliberately choosing to focus on the things that we usually do not pay attention to.

Mindfulness is being advocated by personalities from all the spheres of the society around the world: physicians, celebrities, politicians, sports players and C-level managers. Also referred as meditation, this technique aims to improve people’s lives by becoming more aware of the world around them, more focused, and to make better decisions everyday.

On the long term, mindfulness practice will foster the development of brain areas responsible for the integration of emotion and thought, as well as for self-awareness. These changes will help you perform better at decision making and dealing with emotional challenges.

Through systematic practice of mindfulness you will also be able to strengthen and develop new self-regulating and control strategies as you will learn how to relax and simultaneously be aware of what might be disturbing you, without losing sight of what really matters to you at any time.

Mindfulness can improve your life by: changing the way your brain works, teaching it a whole new way of functioning with more clarity, a more relaxed attention and a better control over your behavior and your personal choices.

Learning how to practice mindfulness can be hard since most people are not used to enter in the state of meditation, but these kinds of techniques can be taught with the help of professionals. Medical Port partnered with Oficina da Piscologia and developed special mindfulness programs that help you achieve the results you need in your life. Whether it is to lose weight, be more focused at work, sleep better or have a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about our mindfulness program here.

Discover the Michelin star restaurants in Portugal 2015

The Michelin guide for restaurants distinguishes the best chefs and sets the standard for an exquisite, luxury meal anywhere in the world.

In the end of every year, Michelin releases the guide for hotels and restaurants to the following year so that travelers and food lovers can prepare their trips and pick their favorite restaurants. Portugal is no exception and the guide this year awarded 17 starts to 14 Portuguese restaurants.

In the words of Michael Ellis, International Director of the Michelin guides, this years’ guide “perfectly highlights the diversity, the renewal and the creativity of Spanish and Portuguese chefs, who have brought their distinct personalities to the kitchen with innovative, original and unique creations”.

Three restaurants received new stars: one restaurant achieved the two star classification and two restaurants were awarded one star. Chef Jose Avillez received the second star for his restaurant Belcanto in Lisbon. Belcanto and Vila Joya are now the only two Michelin star restaurants in Portugal. Concerning one star restaurants there are two new restaurants:

In this year’s edition, Portugal has two new one-starred restaurants. At São Gabriel in Almancil-Faro, Leonel Pereira places flavor at the center of an innovative cuisine that remains rooted in local traditional cooking. At Pedro Lemos in Porto, the chef who lends his name to the restaurant offers his own interpretation of Portuguese cuisine, with a harmonious combination of tradition and creativity.”

Read more here and here.

Medical Port launches its services in Mozambique

With the goal to better serve the healthcare needs of Mozambicans, Medical Port partnered with a local representative to promote its healthcare services and help Mozambicans to have access to medical treatment in Portugal.

The launching event took place on February 25 at Hotel Southern Sun, in Maputo. Guests were Mozambicans and Portuguese living in Mozambique. Attendees had the chance to get to know Medical Port’s services and also learned innovative non-invasive assessment techniques with a presentation from a cardiovascular physician.

Due to lack of options of healthcare in their country, Mozambicans usually travel for medical care to nearby countries. For those who seek to travel to Portugal for business or leisure, they can also book medical treatments through Medical Port’s partner network of private hospitals and clinics. With a long history of friendship between Portugal and Mozambique, the common language makes Portugal an interesting option for Mozambicans.

All Medical Port services are customized to the specific needs of the clients. Some of the areas are diagnosis and check-up, exams and consultations, plastic surgery and physical rehabilitation. These offerings are designed to provide a complete, rigorous and effective solution for a health concern that may not be covered in the client’s home country. Besides medical care, Medical Port plans and organizes the trip and the stay. Leisure activities can be planned according to the medical treatment the client will receive. Before and after the trip, the client can have remote consultations with the selected physicians to clarify concerns and for follow-up.