Best places to retire abroad – Portugal

Retiring abroad is becoming a reality for many pensioners around the world. With the growing mobility of citizens from all countries it is now easy to live abroad not only for young workers but also for senior citizens.

The American Association of Retired Persons, most commonly know as AARP, explains in an article the advantages of retiring in Portugal, highlighting Lisbon and Cascais area:

A plenitude of golf, beaches, resorts, and trendy café life makes Portugal one of Europe’s most pleasant surprises. Costs are lower than in other parts of Western Europe. Lisbon is a grande old dame of a city, where traditional mournful fados are still sung in candlelit taverns; but most expats gravitate to the postcard-pretty resort towns of Estoril and Cascais on the Atlantic coast, 15 miles west of the capital.

The best places to retire in Portugal depend on the preferences, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Retirees can enjoy the vast cultural activities in the area of the capital, where it is likely virtually everyone will talk to them in English. If the preference goes toward a quieter place near the beach, Portugal has around 400 miles of coast, so there are plenty of places to retire in a beach community in Portugal.

AARP, features some facts about Portugal, such as the climate, which they describe as “Temperate, with warm-to-hot summers and pleasant winters, some rain.” The fact that there is a mix of international people living in Portugal and in Cascais there are “several hundred of U.S. expats”. Healthcare is rated as good. Regarding the cost of living the example is a dinner for two for $40. In terms of cultural activities, AARP emphasizes “Castles, museums, music festivals, even English-language theater; also golf, outdoor activities.” Read the full article here.

Come to see with your own eyes what AARP is saying about Portugal. We feel confident you won’t be disappointed when you spend a few days here and you will want to come back!

You can also check American blogger Roam About Mike, and his most recent blog post about Portugal (he has a few and all of them are pretty awesome).



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