Top 7 must-play golf courses in Portugal

The Professional Golf Association of America (PGA) has recently named the seven best golf courses in Portugal for a weeklong golf trip.

After being awarded World’s best golf destination in the end of 2014, Portugal is on the hype for golf lovers. Golf courses around the country are preparing for one of its best years in terms of number of golfers and matches, with many courses being renovated.

PGA has recently named the seven best golf courses in Portugal for both professionals and amateurs. Here’s what they say about Portugal:

Some of us just aren’t inclined to walk links golf courses or battle the unpredictable weather elements. In fact, there’s no shame in admitting that you love to smoke cigars, ride in a cart and soak up the vitamin D while playing golf.  Known more for its beautiful beaches, ideal climate and relaxed lifestyle, Portugal is a fantastic place to spend a weeklong golf vacation. 

The ideal trip would begin in the exciting city of Lisbon. Here you’ll find the San Francisco of Europe, with hills, white cobblestone streets and a massive castle overlooking the old town. The second part of your tour would be on the beautiful Algarve coast, where you’ll enjoy fresh seafood prepared to perfection, swim through spectacular rock formations in crystal-clear waters and play golf at postcard-beautiful golf courses.

Penha Longa, Atlantic course and Oitavos Dunes near Lisbon are two of the seven courses highlighted. Penha Longa has centuries-old aqueduct around the course making it a “phenomenal experience”. Oitavos Dunes was rated by Golf Magazine as one of the top 100 courses in the world and is a “perfectly natural golf course”. To learn more about the other golf courses, located in the Algarve, please read PGA article here.

Golfers can enjoy the sunny weather in Portugal, soaking up in vitamin D and improving their overall health condition, almost 300 days per year. Playing golf can be beneficial for both mind and body of players of all ages and genders. A golf player burns about 200 calories per hour while playing.

For those who would like to also assess how good their health is, Medical Port offers health check-up programs and wellness treatments for golfers and their travel partners. To learn more about some of these programs, please click here.

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