American association “No Stomach for Cancer” awards Portuguese investigators for their research on stomach cancer

Three Portuguese investigators were awarded 25,000 € to continue their research on Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer.

This collaboration is between two investigators from the University of Porto and from the Technical University of Lisbon.

This is the first time that “No Stomach for Cancer” finances a project from an entirely Portuguese team leading the investigation in cancer genetics. Their work on the identification of the individuals who have mutations that might cause the hereditary diffuse gastric cancer caught the attention of this association. The goal of the association is to support scientific research about stomach cancer, especially those dedicated to early diagnosis and treatment.

Gastric cancer is the fourth most common cause of cancer in the world and the hereditary diffuse gastric cancer is a genetic form of stomach cancer. Those who had cases in the family must do regular screenings to find out if they carry the genetic modification. There is not enough research yet about the genetic modifications and the manifestation of early stages of cancer that allows for a comprehensive identification of those at risk.

The goal of the research is to offer an effective test for those who are genetically prone to have the disease and to better keep them under surveillance.

Read the full article here.



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