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Most common plastic surgery procedures

Plastic surgery is increasingly popular all over the world. The number of procedures done increases every year and no signs of deceleration emerge. There are two types of plastic surgery patients: the ones who always wanted it, and the ones

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Porto is becoming increasingly popular for river cruise lines

Portugal’s second largest city, Porto is known for its day cruises up and down the Douro river. But for those wanting to experience the Douro river in its plenitude a cruise up the Douro Valley is the way to go.

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Mediterranean diet benefits

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet are well known and it is largely agreed that a balanced diet based on the Mediterranean style is the key to live a healthy life. Extensive research on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet

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Global Wellness Day

Celebrate Global Wellness Day by committing to a healthy lifestyle. What changes would you like to do in your life in order to achieve complete wellness?

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Weight loss surgery abroad

For the past few years, weight loss surgeries have seen great evolution, allowing those who suffer from excess weight to find the most adequate solution to lose the unhealthy mass and start a new life. Weight loss surgery is performed

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31 reasons why everyone should move to Lisbon

The Global Post in a recent article emphasizes what the city has to offer to those who not only visit the city, but also to those who decide to move here. From the 31 reasons and their explanations described in

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