Botox injections – 5 things to know about wrinkle treatment

Aging is transversal to every human being. Some wish to get around those visible signs of by doing dermo-cosmetic treatments, in order to look younger and better about their appearance.

The face is usually the most visible place where signs of aging appear. The face is exposed to several external factors that accelerate the process of aging like gravity, sun exposure, and environmental damage, among others.

The application of Botulinum Toxin is one of the most common treatments used to relieve the visible signs of wrinkles and expression lines. Differing from wrinkles caused by sun exposure, expression lines in the face have their origin in muscular contraction, a voluntary or involuntary reflex of the way we convey feelings.

A common brand of this toxin is called Botox, although many other brands are authorized to produce Botulinum Toxin in order to soften expression lines.

Before considering having this rejuvenating treatment abroad, here are 5 things you should know:

  1. Ensure you’re getting to treatment done by a medical professional.

    This is a medical procedure that should only be performed by a medical professional, neither by a cosmetic expert nor by a nurse.

  2. The application of Butolinic Toxin should be done in certified facilities in which the patient can have total confidence.

    Ask for certification references.

  3. Make sure the communication between you and the medical staff runs smoothly and start the treatment only when all your doubts are clarified.

    Usually a pre-assessment consultation is the best way to know the doctor and to get the doctor to know you.

  4. The treatment isn’t permanent.

    You should repeat the injections every 3 to 4 months.

  5. The three most common areas for injections are in the glabella (the space between the eyebrows), the area around the eyes known for “crow’s feet” and the forehead.

    This treatment can also be applied to the entire face and neck.

This anti-aging treatment is performed through small injections in the skin muscles with a fine needle. When injected in the muscles, it blocks the nerve activity, smoothing the appearance of hyper-functional lines. Through the inhibition of neurotransmission between the peripheral nerve endings and muscle fibres, Botulin Toxin weakens or paralyzes skeletal muscle. The procedure takes around 20 minutes and no anesthesia is needed.

By partnering with the top private facilities in Portugal, Medical Port ensures to its customers access to the best medical care. Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa and Hospital Lusíadas Porto are two of the most modern health care providers in Portugal, with accreditation by Joint Commission International plus an experienced Dermo-cosmetics Team. This way we make sure your Botox treatment benefits from the bests professionals in the field, an adequate medical follow-up and appropriate facilities, facts that contribute decisively to successful results.



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