Portugal among the best 15 tourism-friendly countries

According to the World Economic Forum, Portugal is the best 15th country to visit as a tourist.

The organization ranked 141 countries across 14 dimensions on their ability to receive tourists giving each dimension a score from from 1 (lowest) to 7 (highest).

Portugal’s overall score was 4.6.

Portugal received the highest scores in the following dimensions: Safety & Security, Health & Hygiene, Tourist Service Infrastructure, and Prioritization of Travel & Tourism, which placed the country among the best 15 countries in the entire world to travel to as a tourist.

In the dimensions of Safety & Security and Tourist Service Infrastructure Portugal’s overall score placed the country in the 10th place. Meaning Portugal is one of the safest countries to travel to and that there are plenty of tourism infrastructures to help and support tourists needs. Portugal is placed at the 17th place in the dimension of Cultural Resources & Business Travel, implying the country it is a great option for those who travel looking for Culture and History and for those who travel for business. The country ranked number 12 for the number of World Heritage (UNESCO) cultural sites. Regarding the sub index of Infrastructures, Portugal got the 1st place for Quality of Roads meaning the roads are considered efficient and extensive by international standards.

For Health & Hygiene, Portugal got the 1st place in the sub dimensions of Access to Sanitation and to Drinking Water, with a score of 100% meaning, the entire population is covered by those two basic needs. For physician density per 1,000 people, Portugal is in the 20th place of the whole ranking.

Overall the report classifies Portugal as a safe destination with good infrastructures for tourists and prepared to welcome them and give them the support they need.

The first place in the report is occupied by Spain. Read the full report here.



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