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TripAdvisor says the best aquarium in the World is in Portugal

Lisbon’s Aquarium (Oceanário de Lisboa) was recently voted the best in the world according to TripAdvisor users. The 2015 Travelers’ Choice Award winners by TripAdvisor were revealed recently. The Lisbon Aquarium has 11579 reviews from which 10745 either classified it

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Breast augmentation surgery

The most common way to perform a breast augmentation is to insert silicone gel implants into the breast. This technique has been used for over 40 years and is proven to be both safe and with low complication rates. The

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The Algarve region, in Portugal, named the best place to retire abroad

For the second year in a row, the Algarve is considered the best place in the world to retire abroad. Last year, the publication Live and Invest Overseas awarded the Algarve with the first place to retire abroad, and this

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How can mindfulness mediation make you happier and improve your brain

Mindfulness is a technique that consists of being able to concentrate in one thing at a time, disconnect from the world around and be fully committed to meditate about a given subject. This can improve concentration levels, but can also

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2015 Global Peace Index puts Portugal in the 11th place

Climbing 7 places from last year, Portugal is now the 11th most peaceful country in the world, as stated by the Global Peace Index by the Institute for Economics and Peace. Portugal is considered to be “very high” in terms

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How to rejuvenate mature skin

As we age, different approaches should be taken in order to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. While some treatments are directed at the first signs of aging, others are especially targeted for mature skin. As time passes

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Summer vacations in Portugal, according to international press

Portugal was recently considered to be a great destination for summer vacations from several newspapers around the world. The French edition of the Huffington Post voted Porto Covo beach in the south of Portugal to be the second most beautiful

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How to look younger without plastic surgery

In order to feel and look young there are several procedures available nowadays, some of them are more effective and permanent than others. Not all of them include going under the knife and suffer from slow and painful recoveries. Dermal

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