2015 Global Peace Index puts Portugal in the 11th place

Climbing 7 places from last year, Portugal is now the 11th most peaceful country in the world, as stated by the Global Peace Index by the Institute for Economics and Peace. Portugal is considered to be “very high” in terms of peace.

The Global Peace Index is “The world’s leading measure of national peacefulness, the GPI measures peace according to 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators”, according to the Institute.

The ranking evaluated 162 countries in the world for several indicators like perceptions of criminality, intensity of internal conflict, neighboring countries relations, among others. Portugal got minimum scores in almost of all of these indicators, meaning the country has low representativeness in those indicators.

In the 2014 ranking, Portugal was placed in the 18th place, the rise of 7 places from one year to another, shows how important it is for the country to maintain its peace and security standards.

The report explains why Portugal improved its score both in the Global and in the European ranking: “Portugal’s score was boosted by a reduction in political instability following its exit from the EU/IMF economic and financial adjustment program. Like neighboring Spain, Portugal also benefitted from a reduction in the likelihood of violent demonstrations at anti-austerity marches.”

From the 2014 study to this year’s, the researchers concluded that 81 countries became more peaceful while 78 became less peaceful, regarding geographical areas, “For 2015, four out of the nine geographical regions experienced an improvement in peace while five became less peaceful.”

 The 11 most peaceful countries in the world are:

  1. Iceland
  2. Denmark
  3. Austria
  4. New Zealand
  5. Switzerland
  6. Finland
  7. Canada
  8. Japan
  9. Australia
  10. Czech Republic
  11. Portugal

Read the full report here.



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