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Portugal’s residence program for foreigners is the best in the world

According to a report from Henley & Partners, the global leaders in residence and citizenship planning, Portugal’s Golden Residence Permit Program is the world’s best residence-by-investment program in 2015. This program allows foreign citizens to invest in Portugal and obtain

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American news website, Newsday, writes about a memorable trip to Porto, Portugal

Porto – Portugal’s second largest city – was recently classified as “intoxicating” by an article on Newsday, because of its amazing views and smells. The author took a trip to Porto and realized the city is full of contrasts and

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Hypertension increases as a consequence of contemporary lifestyle

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a disease that affects millions all over the world. According to Medical News Today, the number of people living with hypertension is predicted to be 1.56 billion worldwide by the year 2025.

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Portugal joined the M8 Alliance, world’s best group of academic health centers

Known as the G8 for health, the M8 is an alliance with 18 members of 14 different countries with the mission to improve health at a global scale. Portugal was accepted as a member of the Alliance with unanimity. Members

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