Portugal’s residence program for foreigners is the best in the world

According to a report from Henley & Partners, the global leaders in residence and citizenship planning, Portugal’s Golden Residence Permit Program is the world’s best residence-by-investment program in 2015.

This program allows foreign citizens to invest in Portugal and obtain a residence visa.

Among the 19 residency programs for foreigners analyzed by Henley & Partners, the Portuguese one is the one that offers more advantages to foreign investors. Portugal is followed by Austria (2nd place) and Belgium (3rd place).

The programs were ranked according to 10 indicators: Reputation, Quality of Life, Tax, Visa Free Access, Processing Time and Quality of Processing, Compliance, Investment Requirements, Total Costs, Time to Citizenship and Citizenship Requirements. Portugal ranked highest on “Total Cost” meaning the initial investment required is lower when compared to other programs. Portugal shared the top spot with other countries in the following indicators: “Tax”, “Visa Free Access”, and “Processing Time and Quality of Processing”. Meaning that foreigner investors have light tax burdens and the processing procedures are quick and efficient.

Some of the reasons to move to Portugal, according to Living in Portugal:

  1. Great climate with an average of 3300 hours of sunshine per year, one of the highest rates in Europe
  2. The satisfaction of 80% of the tourists who visit the country and want to come back
  3. The average housing prices in Portugal are very competitive compared to the main European cities
  4. Taxation is light on foreigner investors as Henley & Partners already highlighted in the report
  5. Portugal is ranked as the 17th safest country in the world among a list of 153 countries

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American news website, Newsday, writes about a memorable trip to Porto, Portugal

Porto – Portugal’s second largest city – was recently classified as “intoxicating” by an article on Newsday, because of its amazing views and smells.

The author took a trip to Porto and realized the city is full of contrasts and offers stunning views for its visitors.

Porto is described by its two sightseeing landmarks: “The city offers two high-impact sightseeing thrills: the postcard-perfect ambience of its riverfront Ribeira district and the opportunity to learn more about (and enjoy) the port wine that ages here. Porto also has sumptuous churches, worthwhile museums, beautifully tiled buildings (even the train station), and a bustling Industrial Age market hall.

The fact that in Porto is possible to find in a short distance away a street crowded with tourists and cafés and another street filled with local overlooking the neighbourhood in their little balconies amazes the author. It is possible to see within a short walk the touristic Porto and the typical Porto with its natives.

Food and drink is another serious subject when a trip to Porto is described. The author tried seafood, the typical Francesinha sandwich, and the world-famous Port wine.

The article says that a trip to Portugal isn’t complete without a trip to Porto. Whether you are considering visiting Lisbon or the Algarve region, make sure to include Porto in your itinerary because as it is stated in the article “Whether you’re enjoying Ribeira’s riverfront promenade, cruising the Douro, or sampling port in this port city, Porto gives you a fine taste of authentic Portuguese culture.”

Read the full article here.

Hypertension increases as a consequence of contemporary lifestyle

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a disease that affects millions all over the world.

According to Medical News Today, the number of people living with hypertension is predicted to be 1.56 billion worldwide by the year 2025.

There are several reasons pointed as the triggers of the high blood pressure increased incidence in Europe and in the United States. The contemporary lifestyle choices related to lack of physical activity, increased salt consumption, alcohol and tobacco consumption are pointed as some reasons. Because this is a silent disease with no visible or painful symptoms, alarming numbers of people suffering from it. In order to first treat high blood pressure, patients are advised to make lifestyle changes such as salt restriction and other diet changes.

Those who suffer from hypertension are those who are more likely to suffer from other complications which can be very serious and sometimes fatal, like heart failure, aneurysm, blood vessel narrowing (for example, leading to kidney failure or heart attack).

It is important to keep track of blood pressure specially when people start aging, as this condition tends to affect more and more people, as they get old.

It is very easy to do it at home or at the pharmacy. Hypertension can be diagnosed after a doctor has measured the patient several times and high values are most of times present. Keeping track of your health condition is important to prevent future diseases, and the best way to do it is to maintain an active lifestyle associated with regular health check-ups. A balanced diet is also very important, and reducing the salt intake is key to lower blood pressure. If you would like to know more about reducing the consumption of salt please read our previous blog post here.

Portugal joined the M8 Alliance, world’s best group of academic health centers

Known as the G8 for health, the M8 is an alliance with 18 members of 14 different countries with the mission to improve health at a global scale. Portugal was accepted as a member of the Alliance with unanimity. Members are “committed to improving global health and working with political and economic decision-makers to develop science-based solutions to health challenges worldwide”.

Considered as a very restrict group of countries and healthcare institutions, M8 Alliance gathers Academic Health Centers, Universities and National Academies in a collaborative network that excel in research. The fact that Portugal was accepted as a member of M8 is a recognition that Portuguese healthcare facilities, investigators and researchers are among the best in the world and they can help shape the future of world’s health.

Portuguese health minister stated that Portugal is now part of a forum that thinks world health strategically. And that the fact Portugal was accepted with favorable votes from all members of the Alliance means international recognition of the Portuguese healthcare and research from very prestigious institutions.

Every year M8 organizes the World Health Summit, which is an annual forum about health to promote the dialogue between countries and to discuss health issues at a global scale.

Read more about M8 Alliance here.