Portugal joined the M8 Alliance, world’s best group of academic health centers

Known as the G8 for health, the M8 is an alliance with 18 members of 14 different countries with the mission to improve health at a global scale. Portugal was accepted as a member of the Alliance with unanimity. Members are “committed to improving global health and working with political and economic decision-makers to develop science-based solutions to health challenges worldwide”.

Considered as a very restrict group of countries and healthcare institutions, M8 Alliance gathers Academic Health Centers, Universities and National Academies in a collaborative network that excel in research. The fact that Portugal was accepted as a member of M8 is a recognition that Portuguese healthcare facilities, investigators and researchers are among the best in the world and they can help shape the future of world’s health.

Portuguese health minister stated that Portugal is now part of a forum that thinks world health strategically. And that the fact Portugal was accepted with favorable votes from all members of the Alliance means international recognition of the Portuguese healthcare and research from very prestigious institutions.

Every year M8 organizes the World Health Summit, which is an annual forum about health to promote the dialogue between countries and to discuss health issues at a global scale.

Read more about M8 Alliance here.



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