American news website, Newsday, writes about a memorable trip to Porto, Portugal

Porto – Portugal’s second largest city – was recently classified as “intoxicating” by an article on Newsday, because of its amazing views and smells.

The author took a trip to Porto and realized the city is full of contrasts and offers stunning views for its visitors.

Porto is described by its two sightseeing landmarks: “The city offers two high-impact sightseeing thrills: the postcard-perfect ambience of its riverfront Ribeira district and the opportunity to learn more about (and enjoy) the port wine that ages here. Porto also has sumptuous churches, worthwhile museums, beautifully tiled buildings (even the train station), and a bustling Industrial Age market hall.

The fact that in Porto is possible to find in a short distance away a street crowded with tourists and cafés and another street filled with local overlooking the neighbourhood in their little balconies amazes the author. It is possible to see within a short walk the touristic Porto and the typical Porto with its natives.

Food and drink is another serious subject when a trip to Porto is described. The author tried seafood, the typical Francesinha sandwich, and the world-famous Port wine.

The article says that a trip to Portugal isn’t complete without a trip to Porto. Whether you are considering visiting Lisbon or the Algarve region, make sure to include Porto in your itinerary because as it is stated in the article “Whether you’re enjoying Ribeira’s riverfront promenade, cruising the Douro, or sampling port in this port city, Porto gives you a fine taste of authentic Portuguese culture.”

Read the full article here.



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