Portugal awarded for hospitality and ability to speak in English

Portugal and the Portuguese people have been known for their hospitality throughout the years.

From tourists to expats, foreigners tend to feel well received in Portugal not only because what the country has to offer but also from the friendliness of Portuguese people.

One of the reasons why Portugal is gaining so much popularity as a place to retire abroad is because English is widely understood and spoken. Expats in Portugal can have a great living experience even if they don’t speak Portuguese, as English is widely spoken in the country. Another reason is due to the fact that the country welcomes foreigners with ease and there’s a great tolerance towards other cultures. Portugal is one of the countries where English is more widely spoken in the whole world. According to the ranking by EF , Portugal is the 13th country in the world with the best English skills. In the 2015 English Proficiency Index, Portugal is placed among the countries with the better English skills, categorised as a country where people have a high proficiency of English. There were 70 countries analysed in the index. The top places belong the Northern European countries and the bottom places belong to countries in the Middle East and Asia.

Also according to the Global Peace Index by the Institute for Economics and Peace, Portugal is the 11th most peaceful country in the world. Portugal is considered to be “very high” in terms of peace. The Global Peace Index is “The world’s leading measure of national peacefulness, the GPI measures peace according to 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators”, according to the Institute. The ranking evaluated 162 countries in the world for several indicators like perceptions of criminality, intensity of internal conflict, neighboring countries relations, among others. Portugal got minimum scores in almost of all of these indicators, meaning the country has low representativeness in those indicators.



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