Portuguese doctor is the most influential pathologist in the world

“The Pathologist” magazine asked pathologists all over the world who were the most influential and powerful pathologist professionals. In a list containing 100 medical professionals, Manuel Sobrinho Simões was considered number one.

Pathologist Manuel Sobrinho Simões
Pathologist Manuel Sobrinho Simões

Manuel Sobrinho Simões has been a pathologist for over 40 years and he is the founder and director of IPATIMUP, the leading Portuguese institute of research and diagnosis known for pathologist training and general public education on scientific subjects. His work on the diagnosis of thyroid cancer is highly regarded among his peers internationally. He has won several prizes and awards both nationally and internationally throughout his career, among them is the Commander of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit for outstanding service in the interests of Norway. Simões is the author of several publications like peer-reviewed journal articles, chapters and books. He held leadership positions in professional organizations like the European Society of Pathology and the European School of Pathology.

The magazine enquiry was: “Who are the most influential laboratory medicine professionals?” and the answer Manuel Sobrinho Simões was the most common. Nominators said for example that Simões “(…) has contributed more than anybody else to the visibility of pathology in Europe.” and “His contributions to the clinical diagnosis of thyroid cancer have been outstanding: hospital pathologists worldwide follow his rules in their day-to-day routines.”

The pathologist said to a Portuguese newspaper that he was surprised but very happy with the distinction. He believes that his nomination is the result of the training programs he held for international young pathologists from all over the world in the past few decades.

Read more about the “100 pathologist power list of 2015here.




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