Mediterranean diet associated with Alzheimer’s disease prevention

The Mediterranean diet has been known for its numerous health benefits, which include: low cholesterol, low blood pressure and a healthy heart and it is considered a generally good diet for those who like to live a healthy life.

A group of researchers recently found that following a Mediterranean Diet is associated with a larger brain volume in the elderly. One of the drivers of Alzheimer’s disease is low brain volume in older ages. Researchers reached the following conclusion:

“Among older adults, Mediterranean Diet adherence was associated with less brain atrophy, with an effect similar to 5 years of aging. Higher fish and lower meat intake might be the 2 key food elements that contribute to the benefits of Mediterranean Diet on brain structure.”

Previous published studies had already demonstrated that following a Mediterranean Diet was associated with a reduction in risk for Alzheimer’s disease. This study is now showing that the more people “(…) adhere to the Mediterranean diet, the more protection you get for your brain” according to the lead research in the study publish in the Journal of Neurology.

Medical Port is committed to work with partners that do outstanding work in health areas that concern the population.

In Portugal, a pioneer in Neurology is Joaquim Ferreira, PhD, the founder of CNS Campus. Neurology diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease are areas were Professor Joaquim Ferreira’s job is well known all over Europe. CNS Campus is located near Lisbon in the countryside near the beach. In addition to consultations, CNS offers rehabilitation programs (those can be long term or short term format) that help patients and their caregivers to cope with the disease and have a better life quality. If you would like to learn more about CNS Campus and Professor Joaquim Ferreira, click here.



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