Parkinson’s: Rehabilitation and Learning Camp in Portugal

“You need motivation, I think that’s what the staff here are very good at, they are very good at motivating you without making you feel like it’s a bootcamp.”

We have already talked about how exercise can be a boost for people living with Parkinson’s . Campus Neurológico Sénior (CNS), in Portugal, offers a multi-strategy rehabilitation program for Parkinsons Disease patients and caregivers.  To learn more about what this program can offer, watch the video of Mary Deane, a Parkinson’s patient who stayed one week at the CNS.

The program involves professionals from different fields like physiotherapists, speech therapists, nutritionists and neuropsychologists. During the stay at the CNS, patients and caregivers do multiple physical activities such as boxe and dance adapted to Parkinson’s, nordic walking and hydrotherapy, among others, as well as exercises involving speech and balance. Besides the training component, there is also a strong educational side to help Parkinson’s patients and caregivers to cope better with the condition.

This program is coordinated by Professor Joaquim Ferreira, chair of the European section of the Movement Disorder Society. To learn more visit:



Click here

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