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Coping with Burnout

Are you feeling too much stressed out about work, even during the holidays? Feel tired all the time? Don’t care as much about yourself anymore and don’t have much motivation to start a whole new day? You may be suffering

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Have you taken your child to the pediatrician this year?

August celebrates children’s Eye Health month and Safety. Now it’s the perfect timing to get a pediatric consultation and ensure all is well with your children, just before school starts again. Medical Port can help you book a pediatric consultation

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Best places to live: what makes Portugal so special?

Members of InterNations, an international expat community, put Portugal among the top ten places to live by weather. But this country has much more to offer than the sunniest continental european capital. Some countries value good weather more than others, but

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Better safe than sorry: you may want to consider an STD screening

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), usually known as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), are infections that spread mostly through sexual contact. The most common are chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and trichomoniasis, but there are many more, like HIV and Hepatitis B. Holidays mean

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Looking for sunny and safe holidays, tourists turn to Portugal

As some common holidays destinations like France and Turkey deal with the threat of terrorism, the number of tourists in Portugal increases. While this country remains a good choice regarding safety, the government has also worked on improving security measures.

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American association “No Stomach for Cancer” awards Portuguese investigators for their research on stomach cancer

Three Portuguese investigators were awarded 25,000 € to continue their research on Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer. This collaboration is between two investigators from the University of Porto and from the Technical University of Lisbon. This is the first time that

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CNN invites everyone for the centre of universe, the centre region of Portugal

CNN journalist Paul Ames highlights the beauty and undiscovered treasures of “Centro”. The centre region of Portugal for its monuments, natural beauty and of course, food. The journalist says the region is a “largely undiscovered array of treasures unjustly ignored by Portugal

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Medical Port promotes medical travel in Portugal at Riyadh Travel Fair in Saudi Arabia

Following the success of the participation in the Saudi Medical Tourism Fair in November 2014, Medical Port decided to return to Saudi Arabia to be present at another event, this time dedicated to travel and tourism: “Riyadh Travel Fair is

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The 3 key factors to an effective weight-loss plan

Weight-loss is always a hot topic, new diets appear every day promising fast results. Because most diet plans overpromise results, the word “diet” often has a bad connotation and seems something very difficult to do. Many people try several diets

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Improve your health and your life with mindfulness techniques

Mindfulness refers to the ability that we have of being in the here and now, completely aware of everything we are experiencing both inside ourselves and around us. We develop this attitude by deliberately choosing to focus on the things

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