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Cardiovascular diseases

All the organs in the body are important, but the heart certainly deserves a special care. Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 75% of CVD deaths occur

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Trips to Douro in Portugal according to international press

The North of Portugal has been gaining a lot of attention for the past few years. It’s biggest city, Porto has been featured in news outlets all over the world. Associated to a trip to Porto is always a trip

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American news website, Newsday, writes about a memorable trip to Porto, Portugal

Porto – Portugal’s second largest city – was recently classified as “intoxicating” by an article on Newsday, because of its amazing views and smells. The author took a trip to Porto and realized the city is full of contrasts and

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Porto in Portugal is in the news all over the world

For the past few months news articles about Portugal’s second largest city, Porto, have been written all over the world. From the newspaper Los Angeles Times, the American fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar to the Australian newspaper Herald Sun, Porto has

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Porto is becoming increasingly popular for river cruise lines

Portugal’s second largest city, Porto is known for its day cruises up and down the Douro river. But for those wanting to experience the Douro river in its plenitude a cruise up the Douro Valley is the way to go.

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Porto voted the preferred European destination for Americans

Airbnb recently did a research on where in Europe their American users are planning or willing to travel in the near future. The preferred destinations surprised them and their readers also. The number one preferred destination is Porto, in Portugal.

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Hello Magazine calls Porto the perfect city break destination

Online editors of Hello magazine visited Porto and its surroundings to discover why the city voted twice as the “Best European Destination” Porto is Portugal’s second largest city, located in the North of the country. For those who associate Portugal

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How to look your best in 2015 in a girls only week

Have you have wondered how you can look younger without going under surgery? Then, the Medical Tourism package “Small details make the difference” is just right for you and your friends. Medical Port and Sagres Vacations recently partnered to create

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Hospital Lusíadas Porto (located at Boavista Avenue)

Hospital da Boavista in Oporto, Portugal

Hospital Lusíadas Porto (located at Boavista Avenue in Oporto) is part of Medical Port‘s network of highly differentiated health units in Portugal and a great option for your Medical Tourism experience. Hospital Lusíadas Porto has been certified by the Joint Commission

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