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Physiotherapy treatments in Portugal

Whether it’s the consequence of a sports injury, a bad fall, a work accident, rehabilitation decisions require access to proper and thorough rehabilitation programs. Different physiotherapy needs require different treatment methods and techniques. For those who had orthopaedic surgery, physiotherapy

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Medical Port launches its services in Mozambique

With the goal to better serve the healthcare needs of Mozambicans, Medical Port partnered with a local representative to promote its healthcare services and help Mozambicans to have access to medical treatment in Portugal. The launching event took place on February 25

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New medical tourism programs for Arabic countries

Following, Medical Port’s presence in the Saudi Arabia Medical Tourism Fair in the end of 2014, and due to the large interest demonstrated ever since, the company is launching special programs for countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, among others.

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The importance of Vitamin D for your health

During the winter months it is important to keep up with the vitamin intake to stay healthy. Vitamin D is a very important one we get from sunshine exposure or food. As Harvard Health says: Results suggest that vitamin D may have an important

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