World Health Day

April 7 is the day the World Health Organization chose as the World Health Day. Every year WHO celebrates this day with the goal to discuss health issues around the world that affect millions of people.

This year, the theme is Food Safety. With globalization comes the importance to ensure the safety of food supply, since ingredients travel long distances before they reach the consumers plate.

Medical Port wants to celebrate the World Health Day by discussing a topic that is transversal to everyone no matter their age, gender or nationality. The topic is health prevention. Health prevention is about taking care of your health and your family’s health making sure everything is fine by doing a regular health check-up. Every person should do a health check-up once a year. When was the last time you had one? 

These health check-up exams can outwit diseases that aren’t manifested yet. And early detection is the key to a successful treatment. Appropriate preventive care is important in every stage of life, but it becomes especially important after a certain age, usually 40 for both males and females.

Besides a regular health check-up individuals should live a healthy life, by paying special attention to the way they eat, sleep and exercise. Eat well is one of the main drivers of a good health. The Mediterranean diet, based on fresh ingredients, is a great way to start. Reducing the amount of meat and increasing the amount of fish, vegetables, fruits and grains are the grounds of a balanced diet. Sleep well is also important and a better nutrition brings better sleep. It’s not about how many hours people sleep per night but is about feeling rested in the morning. Practicing exercise is a driver of good health and everyone should do it as part of a healthy lifestyle. Even the ones who can’t practice exercise, everyone should at least walk 20 to 30 minutes every day. Physical inactivity is a major health problem worldwide and the benefits of exercising affect several health outcomes.

A healthy lifestyle is like a circle, where eating, sleeping and exercising go together and influence each other. Influencing the overall health condition.

Celebrate World Health Day with Medical Port by doing something for your health today and set goals for a healthy lifestyle. Let us know what was your decision and if there is something we can do to help you.

World health day
World health day



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Top 7 must-play golf courses in Portugal

The Professional Golf Association of America (PGA) has recently named the seven best golf courses in Portugal for a weeklong golf trip.

After being awarded World’s best golf destination in the end of 2014, Portugal is on the hype for golf lovers. Golf courses around the country are preparing for one of its best years in terms of number of golfers and matches, with many courses being renovated.

PGA has recently named the seven best golf courses in Portugal for both professionals and amateurs. Here’s what they say about Portugal:

Some of us just aren’t inclined to walk links golf courses or battle the unpredictable weather elements. In fact, there’s no shame in admitting that you love to smoke cigars, ride in a cart and soak up the vitamin D while playing golf.  Known more for its beautiful beaches, ideal climate and relaxed lifestyle, Portugal is a fantastic place to spend a weeklong golf vacation. 

The ideal trip would begin in the exciting city of Lisbon. Here you’ll find the San Francisco of Europe, with hills, white cobblestone streets and a massive castle overlooking the old town. The second part of your tour would be on the beautiful Algarve coast, where you’ll enjoy fresh seafood prepared to perfection, swim through spectacular rock formations in crystal-clear waters and play golf at postcard-beautiful golf courses.

Penha Longa, Atlantic course and Oitavos Dunes near Lisbon are two of the seven courses highlighted. Penha Longa has centuries-old aqueduct around the course making it a “phenomenal experience”. Oitavos Dunes was rated by Golf Magazine as one of the top 100 courses in the world and is a “perfectly natural golf course”. To learn more about the other golf courses, located in the Algarve, please read PGA article here.

Golfers can enjoy the sunny weather in Portugal, soaking up in vitamin D and improving their overall health condition, almost 300 days per year. Playing golf can be beneficial for both mind and body of players of all ages and genders. A golf player burns about 200 calories per hour while playing.

For those who would like to also assess how good their health is, Medical Port offers health check-up programs and wellness treatments for golfers and their travel partners. To learn more about some of these programs, please click here.

What is a Hernia?

Hernia is a Latin word meaning “rupture”. It is a defect located on the abdominal wall, a hole that allows the passage of abnormal intestine or other abdominal viscera. Whenever this rupture occurs, surgical hernia repair is needed.

Hernias can occur in both men and women of all ages, being the truth that the majority of hernia patients are older men. Although its treatment doesn’t require surgery all the times, many cases do so. Hernia repair requires a personalized approach to each patient, as each case needs to be carefully evaluated and treated.

People can find out they have a hernia because it can be both seen and felt. It is a lump in the abdomen or groin and that may or may not disappear when pressing it. The lump can get bigger over time. When in doubt, consult a physician to clarify if you have a hernia, what type of hernia it is, and what is the adequate treatment.

There are several types of hernias and each can have different severity. An inguinal hernia is the one that occurs in the groin, but can grow and fill the scrotum. A femoral hernia grows immediately below the groin, at the root of the thigh. An omphalocele hernia is located at the navel. An epigastric hernia, is located in the middle line of the abdomen between the navel and chest. An incisional hernia occurs in the place of the scar of a previous abdominal surgery. A recurrent hernia is the appearance of any of those types of hernias after having been previously operated.

If you would like to know more about hernias, visit Medical Port’s hernia treatment page. Contact us if you would like to know further information about surgical hernia repair abroad.



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The importance of Vitamin D for your health

During the winter months it is important to keep up with the vitamin intake to stay healthy.

Vitamin D is a very important one we get from sunshine exposure or food.

As Harvard Health says:

Results suggest that vitamin D may have an important role in many aspects of human health, from bone fractures to prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, neuromuscular problems, and diabetes.

Vitamin D’s best-known role is to keep bones healthy by increasing the intestinal absorption of calcium. Low levels of vitamin D lead to low bone calcium stores, increasing the risk of fractures. 

According to the publication, intestines, prostate, heart, blood vessels, muscles and endocrine glands have tissues containing vitamin D receptors. The body needs to have enough vitamin D so that these receptors can do any good for your health.

The amount of vitamin D our body needs is small, but most people don’t get it in the winter. Limited exposure to sunlight is the main factor. Some foods that can help with the vitamin D intake are: fatty fish like salmon or tuna, and egg yolks.

In countries like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, or the UK it can be hard to receive the necessary vitamin D intake during the winter.  When recovering from a medical procedure or a surgery it’s important to get all the necessary vitamins for a quick recovery, especially for seniors, for people recovering from and orthopedic surgery or doing physiotherapy.

Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon sunlight is unique.

Since the exposure to sunlight is key to receive vitamin D, Portugal is a great option to get it. With an average of 3300 of sunshine hours per year, the country enjoys mild winters compared to most European countries. Despite December and January are the wettest months, there are still several sunny days during the winter. And the temperatures are usually welcoming for a daily walk outside. Read more about Portugal during the winter here.

Medical Port partners with Sagres Vacations to promote Medical Tourism in the United States

Medical Port and Sagres Vacations, a US based tour operator, established a partnership to promote medical tourism packages for United States consumers. 

Upholding the customers’ needs above all and being able to attend to their individual needs and dreams, both companies have decided to partner and promote dedicated medical tourism packages for the North-American market. Portugal has been increasing its reputation among the American people as a preferred touristic destination in Europe, but is an unknown destination for Americans seeking Medical Travel.

With 2015 just around the corner, it’s time to make New Years’ Resolutions and tackle an important objective: Ensure your health comes first. With this in mind, Medical Port and Sagres Vacations have created the following customized programs:

Prevention is the Key
A one week Medical Tourism package for couples to reinforce their commitment to healthy living by combining a thorough health examination in internationally accredited hospitals with Mediterranean cuisine sessions, country-side walking and stress-free activities.

My Health is My Choice
Aims at identifying the causes for obesity and tackles them in a holistic way (mind and body) in order to achieve sustainable results. This two-week program also includes utilizing mindfulness-based therapies as a powerful tool to make effective behavioral changes and detox sessions to remove unwanted excesses.

Small Details Make a Big Difference
Specially designed for two or more female friends who want to feel and look younger without the need for surgery. You and your friends will “shine” and feel like movie stars. Includes dermo-fillers, private shopping experience, make-up and hairdresser sessions and other surprises. A truly 100% girls package to start 2015 the best way possible!

Detailed information about each package will be further explained in the next blog posts. Meanwhile you can learn more about Medical Port at and Sagres Vacations at and if you have any questions please send us an email to

About Medical Port
Medical Port Premium Medical Tourism Facilitator
Medical Port is the first Global Medical Tourism Facilitator dedicated to gather Portugal’s expertise in Medical Services as well as renowned hospitality in the benefit of the client.
The company’s goal is to provide clients with proper alternatives for medical treatments in private hospitals and clinics in Portugal. Proper meaning cost-effective, quality driven, according to clients’ timings and customized to specific needs. Medical Port makes sure the entire process is quick, smooth and trouble-free, making sure your health comes first. Learn more at

About Sagres Vacations
Sagres Vacations
Sagres Vacations is a full service travel agency and tour operator bringing clients’ dream destination to reality. The company helps clients to create memorable journeys to Portugal and around the world by highlighting the local traditions, cuisine, history, and iconic sites of all the destinations. Our extensive vacation and tour planning services and experience will give you a perfect itinerary, tailored specifically to meet your travel needs. The difference in travel is in its quality, service and details. At Sagres Vacations they pride themselves in offering a personalized travel experience for all the customers. Learn more at



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