Physiotherapy treatments in Portugal

Whether it’s the consequence of a sports injury, a bad fall, a work accident, rehabilitation decisions require access to proper and thorough rehabilitation programs. Different physiotherapy needs require different treatment methods and techniques.

For those who had orthopaedic surgery, physiotherapy programs are designed according to the specific needs and the overall health of the patient so that total recovery can be achieved. All physiotherapy needs are taken into account, depending on the condition, the age and the needs of the patient.

For professional high performance athletes, physical therapy programs should be aimed at helping them achieve a quick and effective recovery and to prepare them to return to practising sports as soon as they are ready minimising the risk for further injuries.

Medical Port’s network of physical therapy centres includes professionals with recognition in the field, known for treating the world’s best athletes and sports clubs. These professionals are trained and qualified to delivery great results, also because the physiotherapy centres with which Medical Port partners have the most advanced physiotherapy equipment and technology available.

Portugal is a great destination for physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments not only for the expertise and knowledge of Portuguese physiotherapists, but also because it’s proven that recovering in a sunny weather is more effective. According to Harvard Health soaking up in the sun in order to absorb vitamin D is important for the bones and the overall health. “Vitamin D’s best-known role is to keep bones healthy by increasing the intestinal absorption of calcium. Low levels of vitamin D lead to low bone calcium stores, increasing the risk of fractures. As bone calcium density falls, bones become weak and fracture-prone. Most studies show that a lack of vitamin D increases the risk of osteoporosis and the likelihood of hip and other nonspinal fractures.”



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