Medical Port launches a new card to serve the needs of foreigners in Portugal

The For Health card is designed for foreigners living or considering moving to Portugal, looking forward to address some major concerns of who lives abroad for long periods of time.

The card provides access to health, real estate, fiscal, and leisure services to foreign residents in Portugal. And results from a partnership between Medical Port, Lusíadas Saúde and Consultan.

According to Belén de Vicente, Medical Port CEO, the goal is “to ensure who moves to Portugal has an efficient and personalized answer to the main concerns and needs in the areas of health care, real state, fiscal and leisure services to assure a comfortable life in Portugal”. The card offers a complete and integrated solution to the various needs of foreigners with the Golden Visa or Non Habitual Resident regime in Portugal.

When buying different services in Portugal, the Foreigners’ Health card gives each cardholder special benefits and discounts.

The fiscal consultancy services include support to arrival, registration and report formalities in the fiscal area. Health services give access to consultations, diagnosis exams, and surgical and non-surgical treatments, from the most diverse medical specialities. Real estate services include support and counselling when searching for a property in the entire country. There are also available customer support and leisure services, such as, concierge, interpreter, Portuguese classes, nutritionist sessions, or wellness programs.

Cardholders can get a 10% discount rate in fiscal services, 15% discount rate in healthcare services and 10% discount rate in customer care and leisure services.

The Foreigners’ Health card offers the access to a set of services and can be purchased by any foreign resident in Portugal or willing to move soon (with the Golden Visa or Non-Habitual Resident status).

To learn more about the For Health card, please go to the brochure, or contact us directly.



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Special benefits for Non-Habitual Residents

Portugal has created a special Non-Habitual Resident Regime (NHR) that offers attractive tax opportunities for foreign pensioners. Those granted with the NHR status can benefit from a special personal income tax regime for a ten-year period.

This regime implies staying in Portugal for more than 183 days every calendar year and the NHR status has to be requested until March 31st of the year after you decide to take up residency in Portugal.

As a way to facilitate access to those interested in obtaining the NHR Status and provide them with exclusive and immediate access to a set of services in the fiscal, healthcare, customer care and leisure areas with specially conceived benefits and offers, Medical Port has created the NHR Card.



  • 10% discount rate in fiscal services
  • 15% discount rate in healthcare services
  • 10% discount rate in customer care and leisure services


  • Concierge services for all surgeries
  • Portuguese Classes in their first year in Portugal

If you’d like to subscribe the NHR Card or learn more about its offers, visit Medical Port’s website, contact us thru email, phone +351 220 973 751 or by filling out our form. You can download our NHR Card brochure here.



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